Non-oncogenic T-region mutants of Agrobacterium tumefaciens do transfer T-DNA into plant cells

Jacques Hille, George Wullems, Rob Schilperoort

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A new procedure for site-directed mutagenesis has been applied to the shooting and rooting loci of T-DNA of an octopine Ti-plasmid of Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Mutants have been obtained which induced tumours that either developed shoots or produced more roots than normally observed. Double mutations, in which both types of T-DNA loci were affected, resulted in non-oncogenic strains. Indications have been obtained, showing that T-DNA coded oncogenic functions can be eliminated without affecting T-DNA transfer into plant cells.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages9
JournalPlant Molecular Biology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1983


  • T-DNA transfer
  • non-oncogenic T-region mutants
  • site-directed mutagenesis
  • Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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