Nonlinear Laplacian Dynamics: Symmetries, Perturbations, and Consensus

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In this paper, we study a class of dynamic networks called Absolute Laplacian Flows under small perturbations. Absolute Laplacian Flows are a type of nonlinear generalisation of classical linear Laplacian dynamics. Our main goal is to describe the behaviour of the system near the consensus space. The nonlinearity of the studied system gives rise to potentially intricate structures of equilibria that can intersect the consensus space, creating singularities. For the unperturbed case, we characterise the sets of equilibria by exploiting the symmetries under group transformations of the nonlinear vector field. Under perturbations, Absolute Laplacian Flows behave as a slow-fast system. Thus, we analyse the slow-fast dynamics near the singularities on the consensus space. In particular, we prove a theorem that provides existence conditions for a maximal canard, that coincides with the consensus subspace, by using the symmetry properties of the network. Furthermore, we provide a linear approximation of the intersecting branches of equilibria at the singular points; as a consequence, we show that, generically, the singularities on the consensus space turn out to be transcritical.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages45
Publication statusSubmitted - 9-Jun-2022


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