Onderzoek naar de verdeeling van agglutininen over de serumeiwitten: tevens bijdrage tot de kennis der serumeiwitten

Frouke Westendorp Boersma

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    From salting-out curves obtained by means of (NH4)2S04 with normal rabbit and horse sera, it is evident that -in accordance with the general opinion at least two different proteins, globulin and albumin, exist in these sera. A sharp separation cannot be realised by a 50 % saturation. With rabbit serum the boundary between the two proteins rather seems to be at a saturation of 56-60 %, whereas with horse serum the precipitation of globulin gradually merges into the precipitation of albumin. ... Zie: Summary
    Original languageDutch
    QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
    • Kapsenberg, G., Supervisor, External person
    Award date17-Feb-1939
    Place of PublicationGroningen
    Publication statusPublished - 1939

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