Peptide-based carrier devices for stellate cells and other cell-types involved in chronic inflammatory and fibrotic disorders

Klaas Poelstra (Inventor), L. Beljaars (Inventor), D Schuppan (Inventor), D.K F Meijer (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The present invention relates to a compound comprising a carrier molecule, said carrier molecule being linked to a further molecule, said further molecule being at least one cyclic peptide, said cyclic peptide comprising in the cyclic peptide portion thereof at least one sequence encoding a cell receptor recognising peptide (RRP) and with the proviso that the compound is not a naturally occuring receptor agonist or antagonist. Preferably, the RRP is of a receptor specific for Hepatic Stellate Cells (HSC) or a receptor that is upregulated on HSC during disease. In particular, the RRP may be of a receptor selected from the group of PDGF receptor, collagen type VI receptor, cytokine receptor(s) such as TGF?, IFN? and interleukin 1?. Preferably, the cyclic portion of the cyclic peptide comprises at least the amino acid sequence RGD or KPT.
Original languageDutch
Patent numberPCT/NL98/00579
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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