Phaenomenologie der religie en complexe psychologie: een methodologische bijdrage

Fokke Sierksma

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Apart from the work of an occasional investigator, comparative religion has not been in contact with the psychology of the unconscious in general, and with the complex or analytical psychology of Jung in particular. In the foregoing study the author has endeavoured to prove that there is no methodological reason whatever to justify this aloofness, and that on the contrary comparative religion, on the strength of its own presumptions, ought to establish this contact. The relation between these two branches of science has been studied especially in the work of the two great pioneers, G. van der Leeuw and C. G. Jung. ... Zie: Summary.
Original languageDutch
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Award date12-Dec-1950
Place of PublicationGroningen
Publication statusPublished - 1950

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