Pharmacoeconomic Analysis of the Different Therapeutic Approaches in Control of Bovine Mastitis: Phytotherapy and Antimicrobial Treatment

Zorana Kovačević*, Jovan Mihajlović, Snežana Mugoša, Olga Horvat, Dragana Tomanić, Nebojša Kladar, Marko Samardžija

*Corresponding author for this work

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    Mastitis in dairy cows is responsible for major economic losses on dairy farms worldwide as the most expensive and prevalent disease in dairy cattle. In spite of the fact that antibiotic therapy still remains the main treatment strategy for bovine mastitis, concerns about the shortcomings of this treatment approach are continuously raised. Hence, research on alternative treatments with increased effectiveness and reduced costs is needed. Therefore, we conducted a pharmacoeconomic analysis of conventional antibiotic vs. a proposed Phyto-Bomat treatment based on essential oils in bovine mastitis therapy. Treatments were compared from the farmer’s perspective in the domain of costs (expressed in total, direct and indirect, cost differences) and effectiveness (expressed in daily milk yield differences). Economic calculations were based on data from a dairy farm in Serbia. The average cost of conventional antibiotic treatment was estimated at EUR 80.32 consisting of therapy costs, veterinary services and milk rejection costs at EUR 16.54, EUR 17.68 and EUR 46.10, respectively. The average cost of Phyto-Bomat treatment was estimated at EUR 76.34 with therapy costs of EUR 34.34, veterinary costs of EUR 32.00 and rejection of milk costs of only EUR 10.00. Therefore, Phyto-Bomat results in cost savings approximating EUR 4 per each mastitis episode with the highest cost reductions obtained in milk rejection costs. This estimation of Phyto-Bomat’s economic benefits could be used as a starting point for the inclusion of this formulation as an alternative treatment approach with a focus on subclinical mastitis since it contributes to most of the financial losses.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number11
    Number of pages11
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - Jan-2023


    • antimicrobials
    • costs
    • dairy cows
    • effectiveness
    • essential oils
    • milk yield
    • Phyto-Bomat

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