Photochromic molecular switches: based on azaobenzenes, dithienylethenes and hemithioindigos

Jort Robertus

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    Molecular switches function just like common switches, i.e. they have the opportunity to be switched between two states, for example on and off or A and B. In everyday life switches are often controlled by hand, however, there are also switches that are sensitive to light. Just like commonly used switches, molecular switches can be controlled using various stimuli. The switches described in this thesis are controlled by light. The energy contained in light is used to switch the molecules from state A to state B, such a change in state is called an isomerisation. Generally ultraviolet (UV) light is used for the energetically uphill isomerization (from the A sate to the B state) and visible light is used to switch from B to A, an energetically downhill isomerisation. As Nano technology finds more applications in daily life, our understanding of such systems needs to be expanded. In this thesis the molecular tool box we use to design and fabricate such Nano systems is expanded. The photochemical, thermal and electrochemical behavior of several new molecular switches are presented. The design of these photo switches are based upon the azobenzene, dithienylethene and hemithioindigo structures. Additionally, the design of a new fluorescent probe to visualize Nano particles in mammalian cells is described. Such particles can normally only be visualized using electron microscopy, which is expensive and not compatible with living cells. The new fluorescent should make it possible to observe Nano particles with optical microscopy.
    Translated title of the contributionMultifunctionele fotochrome moleculaire schakelaars: gebaseerd op azaobenzenen, dithienylethenen en hemithioindigo
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    • University of Groningen
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    • Browne, Wesley, Co-supervisor
    Award date13-Feb-2015
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    Publication statusPublished - 2015

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