Photoproduction of eta mesons off protons for 0.75 GeV

V. Crede, O. Bartholomy, A.V. Anisovich, G. Anton, R. Bantes, Yu. Beloglazov, R. Bogendorfer, R.J.J. Castelijns, A. Ehmanns, J.M.P.G. Ernst, I. Fabry, H. Flemming, A. Fosel, H. Freiesleben, M. Fuchs, Ch. Funke, R. Gothe, A. Gridnev, E. Gutz, S.K. HoffgenI. Horn, J. Hosl, R. Joosten, J. Junkersfeld, H. Kalinowsky, F Klein, E. Klempt, H.R. Koch, M. Konrad, B. Kopf, B. Krusche, J. Langheinrich, H. Löhner, I. Lopatin, J. Lotz, H. Matthay, D.W. Menze, J.G. Messchendorp, C. Morales, D. Novinski, M. Ostrick, H. van Pee, A. Radkov, J. Reinnarth, A.V. Sarantsev, S. Schadmand, Ch. Schmidt, H. Schmieden, B. Schoch, G. Suft, V. Sumachev, T. Szczepanek, U. Thoma, D. Walther, Ch. Weinheimer

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Total and differential cross sections for the reaction p(gamma,eta)p have been measured for photon energies in the range from 750 MeV to 3 GeV. The low-energy data are dominated by the S-11 wave which has two poles in the energy region below 2 GeV. Eleven nucleon resonances are observed in their decay into peta. At medium energies we find evidence for a new resonance N(2070)D-15 with (M,Gamma)=(2068+/-22, 295+/-40) MeV. At gamma energies above 1.5 GeV, a strong peak in the forward direction develops, signaling the exchange of vector mesons in the t channel.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012004
Number of pages5
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 14-Jan-2005



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