Prefabricated fibula free flaps in reconstruction of maxillofacial defects: Two cases of transplanting a fractured fibula

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BACKGROUND: The two-staged prefabricated vascularized fibula free flap is used in maxillofacial reconstruction. We describe the possible cause and management of two cases of fibula fracture after implant placement.

METHODS: The patients were treated with two-stage reconstruction with a prefabricated vascularized fibula free flap. Six dental implants were placed in both fibulas. Fibula fractures occurred during the osseointegration period before the second procedure. The reconstruction was continued as planned.

RESULTS: Both fibulas fractured in the distal segment, possibly due to a thinner cortex more distally. Harvesting of a fractured fibula flap is more difficult than normally due to callus formation and fibrosis. Both transplants became fully functional with extended healing and additional surgery.

CONCLUSION: The fracture apparently did not compromise the vascularisation of the fibula and proved still sufficient for successful harvest and transfer of the flap. The patient should be made aware that additional corrective surgery may be indicated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)E67-E72
Number of pages6
JournalHead & Neck
Issue number12
Early online date11-Oct-2023
Publication statusPublished - Dec-2023


  • fibula fracture
  • free fibula flap
  • maxillofacial reconstruction
  • oral
  • prefabrication

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