Production planning systems for cellular manufacturing

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New product development is one of the most powerful but difficult activities in business. It is also a very important factor affecting final product quality. There are many techniques available for new product development. Experimental design is now regarded as one of the most significant techniques. In this article, we will discuss how to use the technique of experimental design in developing a new product - an extrusion press. In order to provide a better understanding of this specific process, a brief description of the extrusion press is presented. To ensure the successful development of the extrusion press, customer requirements and expectations were obtained by detailed market research. The critical and non-critical factors affecting the performance of the extrusion press were identified in preliminary experiments. Through conducting single factorial experiments, the critical factorial levels were determined. The relationships between the performance indexes of the extrusion press and the four critical factors were determined on the basis of multi-factorial experiments. The mathematical models for the performance of the extrusion press were established according to a central composite rotatable design. The best combination of the four critical factors and the optimum performance indexes were determined by optimum design. The results were verified by conducting a confirmatory experiment. Finally, a number of conclusions became evident.
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Publication statusPublished - 1998

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