Quadricyclanen en 3-Oxaquadricyclanen. Overgangsmetaal gekatalyseerde reakties en dynamische processen.

Bernard Jozeph Nusse

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In the first part of this thesis are presented the results of a mechanistic study of transition metal- and acid-catalyzed isomerizations of quadricyclanes and 3-oxaquadricyclanes. The second part deals with dynamic processes undergone by [8] (2,4)-1,5-dicarbomethoxy-3-oxaquadricyclane, [8] (1,4)-7-oxanorbornadiene and di-[8] (1,4)-7-oxanorbornadienerhodium chloride. It is shown that substitution at C3 in quadricyclanes has no substantial effect on either the rates or nature of the products of the Rh2 (NOR)2CL2-catalyzed valence-isomerization of these compounds. ... Zie: Summary Zie: Summary of
Original languageDutch
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Publication statusPublished - 1978

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