Randomized comparison of etoposide pharmacokinetics after oral etoposide phosphate and oral etoposide

RS deJong, NH Mulder, DRA Uges, S Kaul, B Winograd, DT Sleijfer, HJM Groen, PHB Willemse, WTA vanderGraaf, EGE deVries

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Etoposide phosphate is a water-soluble prodrug of etoposide. The plasma pharmacokinetics of etoposide following oral administration of etoposide phosphate or oral etoposide were compared. Seventeen patients with solid tumours were enrolled to receive oral etoposide phosphate 125 mg m(-2) on days 1-5 every 3 weeks, with escalation to 175 mg m(-2) from course 3 when possible. Patients were randomized to receive oral etoposide phosphate or oral etoposide on day 1 of course 1 and the alternative compound on day 1 of course 2. Fifteen patients received two or more courses and were evaluable for pharmacokinetic comparisons. The median AUC(inf) (area under the concentration vs time curve from zero to infinity) of etoposide was 77.7 mg l(-1) h after etoposide phosphate (95% CI 61.3-100.5) and 62.0 mg l(-1) h after oral etoposide (95% CI 52.2-76.9). The difference in favour of etoposide phosphate was borderline significant: median 9.9 mg l(-1) h (95% CI 0.1-32.8 mg l(-1) h; P = 0.05). However, the inter-patient variability of etoposide AUC(inf) was not improved (coefficients of variation 42.3% and 48.4%). Etoposide phosphate was undetectable in plasma after oral administration. Toxicities of oral etoposide phosphate were not different from those known for etoposide. In conclusion, oral etoposide phosphate does not offer a clinically relevant benefit over oral etoposide.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1660-1666
Number of pages7
JournalBritish Jounal of Cancer
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Jun-1997


  • etoposide
  • etoposide phosphate
  • oral
  • pharmacokinetics
  • toxicity
  • DAY-1

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