Red Knot northward migration through Bohai Bay, China: Field Trip Report April-June 2014

Chris J. Hassell, Adrian N. Boyle, Matt Slaymaker, Yin Chi Chan, Theunis Piersma

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Global Flyway Network: Expedition Report University of Groningen and Global Flyway Network, november 2014

Studies by GFN have continued during the northward migration seasons of 2009 to this year, 2014. These field studies have concentrated on searching for individually-marked birds and have been remarkably successful. In view of the many human-related threats to this area that is the single most important staging area for two subspecies of Red Knot in the EAAF, encompassing all Red Knots wintering in Australia and New Zealand, it seemed of utmost importance to continue the survey work. This need was recognised by WWF-Netherlands and WWF-China who have continued to fund the fieldwork in 2014 through their association with GFN (CH remains supported by Vogelbescherming-Netherlands). Beijing Normal University and the Australian Wader Studies Group
have also funded aspects of the project. Here we report on what we have achieved in April - June 2014.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherGlobal Flyway Network
Number of pages28
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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