Resonance Raman spectroscopy and its application in bioinorganic chemistry

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This chapter introduces Raman spectroscopy and the concept of resonance enhancement of Raman scattering. The first part introduces the fundamentals of vibrational spectroscopy and explains key terms such as dipole moment and the dipole operator. The discussion of the resonance Raman experiment and practical aspects is followed by details of the underlying theories that explain the resonance enhancement effect. A short discussion of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy is followed by examples of the use of resonance Raman spectroscopy and finally time-resolved (excited state) Raman spectroscopy is discussed briefly.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPractical Approaches to Biological Inorganic Chemistry
EditorsRicardo Louro, Robert Crichton
Number of pages50
ISBN (Print)978-0-444-64225-7
Publication statusPublished - 13-Sept-2019

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