Role of MYC in pediatric and adult B-cell lymphoma patients

Sietse Marten Aukema

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    The topic of this thesis are B-cell lymphomas. B-cell lymphomas are a category of lymph node cancer arising from the B-lymphocytes of our immune system. Specifically is the role of the MYC-oncogene in lymphomagenesis and disease progression been investigated.
    In Burkitt lymphoma, a lymphoma which has per definition a MYC break and is predominaltly observed in the pediatric population, several genetic aspects have been investigated. One of these aspects is the chromosome analysis (conventional cytogenetics) of patients suffering from disease recurrence (relapse) after first line treatment.
    In the non-Burkitt lymphomas the focus lies on the so-called "double-hit" lymphomas, which have beside the MYC break additional BCL2 and/or BCL6 break(s). In contrast to Burkitt lymphoma these lymphomas are almost exclusively seen in the adult population. Patients with "double-hit" lymphoma have a detrimental outcome.
    The assessment of the presence of a MYC break has not been incorporated in routine diagnostics yet. In addition, it is not clear which is/are the preferred method(s). One of the recommendations from the thesis is that each newly diagnosed B-cell lymphoma should be screened for the presence of a MYC break (and when positive also for BCL2 and BCL6 breaks). This is of importance for making a correct diagnosis (Burkitt versus non-Burkitt lymphoma). In addition, for the non-Burkitt lymphomas it is of therapeutic and prognostic relevance as patients with a MYC break have an inferior outcome and may benefit from alternative treatments.
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