Social Transformation(s): International Mobility and Health

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Social transformation refers to major changes in the ways in which societies live. Globalisation and transnationalisation of today’s world are prime examples of such transformative understanding. While globalisation is considered as an economic interdependence of nation-states with macro level dynamics, transnationalisation refers to the sustained cross-border social and symbolic ties, social formations occurring at least between two nation-states, and their implications mainly due to international migration of people with an agency-oriented perspective. This chapter is set to introduce different conceptualisations of social transformation and argue that international migration is both a cause and consequence of it. In the light of these processes, this chapter focuses on the nexus of migration and health in particular reference to asylum seeking and refugee movements. The social and geographical contexts influence health and migration patterns of persons. Looking at interrelated macro-, meso-, and micro-levels, this chapter frames the nexus of migration and health in the broader understanding of social transformation.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRefugee Migration and Health
Subtitle of host publicationChallenges for Germany and Europe
EditorsAlexander Krämer , Florian Fischer
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Publication statusPublished - 11-Jan-2019

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