Soft tissue grafting and single implant treatment in the aesthetic region

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    Rehabilitation of a single failing or a single missing tooth in the maxillofacial aesthetic zone by either immediate single implant placement and provisionalization or conventional single implant treatment has been shown to be reliable treatment options. Both treatment procedures, in times of high aesthetic demands, have to deal with recession of the mid-buccal mucosa resulting in a less favourable aesthetic outcome, however. It is presumed that soft tissue grafting by increasing the volume of the mid-buccal mucosa might be beneficial for the aesthetic outcome. Therefore, the general aim of the research described in this thesis was to gain insight into the effect of soft tissue grafting on the condition and aesthetics of the peri-implant tissues in single implant treatment in the aesthetic zone. Single tooth rehabilitation with either immediate placement and provisionalization or conventional implant treatment showed excellent results for peri-implant tissues, aesthetics, patient satisfaction and survival, but with hardly any effect of soft tissue grafting. Connective tissue grafting in immediate single implant treatment compared to no soft tissue grafting resulted in less recession of the mid-buccal mucosal level, but did not contribute to a volume gain of the mid-buccal mucosa. Soft tissue grafting in conventional implant cases at implant placement in preserved alveolar ridges did not result in a more favourable aesthetic outcome, however.
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