Summary Report of Physics Beyond Colliders at CERN

R Alemany, Burrage C., H Bartosik, J Bernhardt, J Boyd, Markus Brugger, M Calviani, C Carli, N Charitonidis, D Curtin, A Dainese, A de Roeck, M Diehl, B Doebrich, L Evans, M Ferro-Luzzi, JL Feng, L Gatignon, S Gilardoni, S GninenkoG Graziani, E Gschwendtner, B Goddard, A Hartin, I Irastorza, J Jaeckel, Klaus-Peter Jungmann, R Jacobsson, K Kirch, F Kling, W Krasny, M Lamont, G Lanfranchini, JP Lansberg, A Lindner, K Long, A Magnon, G Mallot, F Martinez Vidal, M Moulson, M Papucci, JM Pawlowski, I Pedraza, K Petridis, M Pospelov, S Pulawski, S Radaelli, S Rozanov, G Rumolo, G Ruoso, J Schacher, G Schnell, P Schuster, Y Semertzidis, A Siemko, T Spadaro, S Stapnes, A Stocchi, H. Stroeher, G Usai, C Vallee, G Venanzoni, G Wilkinson, M Wing

Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional


Physics Beyond Colliders is an exploratory study aimed at exploiting the full scientific potential of CERN's accelerator complex and its scientific infrastructure in the next two decades through projects complementary to the LHC, HL-LHC and other possible future colliders. These projects should target fundamental physics questions that are similar in spirit to those addressed by high-energy colliders, but that require different types of beams and experiments. A kick-off workshop held in September 2016 identified a number of areas of interest and working groups have been set-up to study and develop these directions. All projects currently under consideration are presented including physics motivation, a brief outline of the experimental set-up and the status of the corresponding beam and detector technological studies. The proposals are also put in context of the worldwide landscape and their implementation issues are discussed.
Comments: This document (66 pages, 19 figures) is the summary document of the Physics Beyond Colliders (PBC) study. It follows the PBC mandate and draws on a whole set of documents produced in the context of PBC (this https URL), in particular the reports of the QCD and BSM working groups also available at arXiv: 1901.04482 and arXiv: 1901.09966
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages66
Publication statusPublished - 1-Feb-2019

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