Supportive care needs and psychological complaints among Mexican breast cancer patients

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    What is the psychological impact of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis? How do breast cancer patients psychologically adapt to the disease? Do high levels of perceived personal control might be protective against developing high psychological complaints when facing breast cancer? Which are the main supportive care needs of breast cancer patients throughout the disease trajectory?

    In Mexico, empirical studies addressing the psychosocial aspects of breast cancer and supportive care needs of patients are scarce, unlike Western countries where these studies are usual. The healthcare delivered to Mexican cancer patients has been mainly focused on treating the physical symptoms of the disease. It is important, however, to perform psycho-oncological research among understudied populations, to inform on the prevalence of psychological symptoms and the main supportive care needs of these breast cancer patients.

    This study investigated anxiety and depressive symptoms, supportive care needs, and its predictors among Mexican breast cancer patients from diagnosis until finishing with medical treatments. Up to 88% of patients showed clinical symptoms of anxiety and 44% of depression, immediately after hearing the diagnosis. Anxiety and depressive symptoms decreased over the disease treatment. Patients with higher levels of perceived personal control at diagnosis showed lower anxiety and depressive symptoms over time. Mexican breast cancer patients mainly have health system and information care needs over the disease trajectory. Depressive symptoms were consistent predictors of changes in the course of supportive care needs. Our findings help to identify supportive care needs and psychological complaints that need to be addressed with priority.
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