Syntactic Frequency and Sentence Processing in Standard Indonesian: Data from agrammatic aphasia and ERP

Bernard Jap

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    Aphasia is a language impairment caused by focal brain damage affecting multiple channels of language. Studies have shown that one third of stroke patients show some form of aphasia. One of the key characteristics of aphasia is that in most types, patients show deficits in sentence processing. This is so much so that many aphasia assessment tools utilize sentence comprehension or production tasks to determine aphasia type or severity, or perhaps to provide a more detailed profile on the symptoms. Individuals with aphasia have been known to face difficulties in processing sentences with a derived or non-canonical structure, like the passive. While numerous studies have discussed the morphosyntactic basis of this deficit, other aspects of sentence processing such as frequency of the sentence structures are often neglected. There is considerable possibility of syntactic frequency affecting sentence processing, as a large body of research has shown the impact of word-level frequency towards language processing. Could the impairment of processing non-canonical sentences be related to the low frequency of these sentences?
    This thesis examines sentence processing in Standard Indonesian, a language where the passive occurs at a rate that is comparable to active sentences. Individuals with aphasia and controls were tested with sentence comprehension and production tasks, and an event-related potential study of sentence processing for healthy adults were conducted. We found the passive to be unimpaired for aphasic individuals, and we also did not find any observable processing differences between the active and the passive in the neuroimaging experiment.
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    Award date12-Nov-2020
    Place of Publication[Groningen]
    Publication statusPublished - 2020

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