Testing the potential paradoxes in “retrocausal” phenomena

Jacob Jolij, Dick Bierman

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Discussions with regard to potential paradoxes arising from “retrocausal” phenomena have been purely theoretical because so far no empirical effects had been established that allowed for empirical exploration of these
potential paradoxes.

In this article we describe three human experiments that showed clear “retrocausal” effects. In these neuropsychological, so-called, face-detection experiments, consisting of hundreds of trials per participant, we use brain signals to predict an upcoming random stimulus. The binary random decision, corresponding to showing a noisy cartoon face or showing only noise on a display with equal probability is taken after the brain signals have been measured. The prediction accuracy
ranges from 50.5-56.5% for the 3 experiments where chance performance would be 50%.
The prediction algorithm is based on a template constructed out of all the pre-stimulus brain signals obtained in other trials of that particular participant. This approach thus controls for individual difference in brain functioning.
Subsequently we describe an experiment based upon these findings where the predictive information is used in part of the trials to determine the stimulus rather than randomly select that stimulus. In those trials we analyze what the brain signals tell us what the future stimulus would be and then we reverse the actual future that is presented on the display. This is a ‘bilking’ condition. We analyze what the consequence of the introduction of this bilking condition is on the accuracy of the remaining (normal) trials and, following a suggestion inferred from Thorne et al, we also check what the effect is on the random decision to either bilk or not bilk the specific trial. The bilking experiment is in progress and the results so far
do not allow for conclusions and are presented only as an illustration.
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Publication statusPublished - 1-Aug-2017
EventQuantum Retrocausation III - San Diego, United States
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