The anti-biography of Gregorio Lopez: Deconstructing a sixteenth-century vita

Lia Nunes

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    Deconstructing a sixteenth-century vitaThe aim of this anti-biography is to challenge the traditional discourse on Gregorio Lopez, in searching for him and his story in the most varied contexts. My proposal is to go by the largest perimeter of the spiral to collect as much data as possible, thus reversing the chronology of three phases, connecting that which we could designate as Gregorio Lopez’s after-life (the reception of Vida ), life (the production of the hagiography of a living saint) and pre-life (the historical facts in - against - and - beyond the ´alter-native (hi)stories´ upon which a religious discourse was elaborated). The anti-biography of Gregorio Lopez brings forward the analysis of how a hagiographical legend was produced and propagated in Early-Modern History and how, although the creation of this same legend failed the canonising purpose that lay behind it, it demonstrates, through the (hi)stories of a single man, the complexity of the processes of colonisation and evangelisation of the American continent. The main question that remains is knowing whether the success of the cultural and religious colonisation as a civilisation process was/is itself a historiographic myth that we have to deconstruct. Can Gregorio be an example of other traditions to be recovered in the reconstruction of a more encompassing memory of territories that already were in and of themselves before becoming America , although their respective natives lived during his lifetime their own apocalypse?
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