The HIFI spectral survey of massive star-forming region AFGL 2591

Maja Kazmierczak, Floris van der Tak, Frank Helmich, Luis Chvarria, Kuo-Song Wang, Cecilia Ceccarelli

Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterAcademic


AFGL 2591 is a massive protostellar object with a bipolar outflow. It has been widely studied before since it is a relatively isolated and nearby star-forming region. Here we present an overview of the Herschel/HIFI spectral survey, as a part of CHESS Key Project. The survey covers a frequency range from 480 up to 1240 GHz as well as some particular lines from 1267 to 1901 GHz. From the spectral survey a total of 32 species were identified. The data analysis is divided into various families of molecules, eg. CO and its isotopologues, nitrogen-bearing molecules, sulfur-bearing species, organic molecules. We will discuss different types of observed molecules and their physical parameters. The radial abundance profiles of some molecules will be presented to learn about the chemical processes leading to their formation and destruction. One of the studied molecule is ammonia, which is concentrated in the inner part of the protostellar envelope (when T > 100K i.e. where water ice evaporates), with the abundance of 3x10e-7.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jul-2013
EventProtostars and Planets VI - Heidelberg, Germany
Duration: 15-Jul-201320-Jul-2013


ConferenceProtostars and Planets VI

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