The Impact of Brands on People, Markets and Society: Build Bridge Bond Method for Sustainable Brand Leadership

Hendrik Sietze Schoppen

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The Impact of Brands on People, Markets and Society
Build Bridge Bond Method for Sustainable Brand Leadership

Authorized translation of the chapter ‘Impact of brands on people, markets and society’ (prepublication Build Bridge Bond, method for sustainable leadership and building future-proof trust) published in the Dutch language edition Strategisch merkenmanagement, 4rd Edition by Kevin Lane Keller, Ruud Heijenga and Erik Schoppen, Pearson Benelux BV, Copyright © 2015. The summary in this publication is a prepublication from the book Build Bridge Bond (prepress).

The Build Bridge Bond method for sustainable brand leadership is a scientifically
substantiated management method for building strong mission-driven brands, brand trust and sustainable brand relationships.

It was developed by H.S. (Erik) Schoppen and investigated by him at the University of Groningen (Social and Behavioral Sciences) during his doctoral research into trust in sustainability. The abridged version of the BBB method in this prepublication deals with mental brand policy from a macro-economic, a brand strategic and a neuroscientific perspective – because brands and markets cannot exist without people.

The method is applicable to issues involving strategic brand and design management in which brand perception, brand experience, brand interaction and brand trust play an integral role. In addition to knowledge regarding sustainable leadership, trust and behavioral change, it also provides insight into human decision-making behavior, emotions, motives and driving forces. ‘Human-centred’ innovation and brand policy can lead to greater awareness and involvement, stronger brand relationships and a more robust brand trust. This leads to a stronger, independent and more prosocial brand, and a sustainably higher brand equity; organisational capital that in turn can contribute to responsible and future-oriented innovation.
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Publication statusPublished - 1-Sept-2017


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