The influence and impact of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) on blood transfusion services in Africa: Case studies from Namibia

John Patton Pitman

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    The questions addressed by this thesis were born from an interest in the relationship between international development projects and the impact external funds had on technical issues of importance to blood transfusion services. Specifically, I was interested in how the rapid injection of massive funding (over $500 million for blood safety since 2004) impacted how blood services in sub-Saharan Africa worked, how the funding influenced services’ ability to meet technical objectives, and what sustainability challenges may have been created by the infusion of cash and other external resources.
    To investigate these questions, data were analyzed from Namibia, one of the 14 countries with high HIV burdens originally funded by PEPFAR starting in 2004. The chapters that make up this thesis catalogue six specific accomplishments by the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NAMBTS) as it worked to expand access to blood transfusion services and improve the safety and quality of blood components and transfusion practices in Namibia. These chapters also attempt to document the sustainability challenges created by the infusion, and subsequent withdrawal, of external donor support, and suggest ways other countries may learn from Namibia’s experience.
    Because Namibia’s experience did not occur in a vacuum – indeed, it occurred during a period of historic investments in healthcare systems across Africa – this thesis also seeks to understand the broader development challenges faced by blood transfusion services in low-resource countries, and to document the sometimes uncoordinated nature of international development assistance (IDA) provided by external donors in the name of improving the safety of or access to blood worldwide.
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