The role of the general practitioner in the care for patients with colorectal cancer

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    In this thesis we provided data on the current role of the general practitioner (GP) in care for patients with colorectal cancer (CRC), aimed at informing the debate about the organization of cancer care in the Netherlands.

    GPs, as gatekeepers to specialist care, traditionally play a role in diagnosis of CRC. In this thesis, we showed that in some cases the diagnostic trajectory is considerably long. Some patients waited long periods before presenting bowel-problems. Also, GPs appear to stick to preliminary diagnoses based on existing conditions, medication or co-morbidities, or explanations of patients or colleagues.

    Furthermore, our studies show that the GP stays involved in caring for patients in the first year after diagnosis and during follow-up for CRC. Patients contact their GP for problems related to their treatment, for (lifestyle) support, and psychosocial issues. Although patients value the role of their GP during follow-up, most patients prefer intensive specialist-led follow-up tests and services. Furthermore they value consistent care and continuity of the care provider.

    Because the GP already plays an important role in care for patients with CRC, follow-up protocols could possibly be integrated into this care, if these protocols become less reliant on imaging techniques. However, support for GPs in the form of guidelines, training, and good communication with secondary care, should be organized. There is also a need for evidence on effective follow-up protocols in primary care, and obstacles in organization and remuneration must be overcome.
    Translated title of the contributionDe rol van de huisarts in de zorg voor patiënten met darmkanker
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