The support needs of families living in poverty

E. Boonstra*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Families living in poverty may experience difficulties in seeking the right help. The Voedselbank Stad Groningen believes it is important that this help is accessible and wants to investigate how it can be better connected to the support needs of these families. The following research question has been formulated for this purpose: How can families who come to the Voedselbank Stad Groningen be supported in their needs in the field of growing children? Interviews were conducted to gain insight into the support needs of parents in poverty and the way in which the Voedselbank Stad Groningen can support this. Five participants took part in the study, who have children and who visit the Voedselbank Stad Groningen every week. The interviews were analyzed thematically. The results showed that the participants have a need for food supply that matches their family situation, support in the raising of children and support for the participants' mental well-being. In addition, in order to meet the support needs, there is a benefit from more knowledge and information about aid organizations in Groningen. Current research shows that little is known about this among the participants. A recommendation for the Voedselbank Stad Groningen is that more publicity may be created about other aid organizations. Due to the sample size, the results cannot be generalized and no conclusions can be drawn about whether the group of participants is representative of the target group. It is therefore recommended to conduct a follow-up study with a larger sample so that the results can be generalized.
Translated title of the contributionThe support needs of families living in poverty
Original languageDutch
PublisherScience Shop, University of Groningen
Number of pages23
Publication statusPublished - Aug-2021

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