Towards System State Dispatching in High‐Variety Manufacturing

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This study proposes a shift towards system state dispatching in the production control literature on high-variety manufacturing. System state dispatching lets the decision on what order to produce next be driven by system-wide implications while trading of an array of control objectives. This contrasts the current literature that uses hierarchical order review and release methods that control the system at release, whilst myopic priority rules control order dispatching based on local queue information. We develop such a system state dispatching method, called FOCUS, and test it using simulation. The results show that FOCUS enables a big leap forward in production control performance. Specifically, FOCUS reduces the number of orders delivered late by a factor of one to eight and mean tardiness by a factor of two to ten compared to state-of-the-art production control methods. These results are consistent over a wide variety of conditions related to routing direction, routing length, process time variability and due date tightness.
Original languageEnglish
Article number102726
Number of pages21
JournalOmega: The International Journal of Management Science
Publication statusPublished - Jan-2023

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