Transport processes in Sulfolobales

Nuan Yang

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Sulfolobales are considered as model organisms for the phylum Crenarchaeota thriving at temperatures around 80˚C and low acidic pH (pH 2-3).
The cdvB3 strain showed a severe growth defect with the formation of enlarged cells,a defect in DNA segregationand a lower expression of the core cdvABC genes. The aberrant cellular localization of CdvA and CdvB in the ΔcdvB3 mutant cells further suggests a coordinating function of CdvB3 in cell division.
This smr1 gene is upregulated when cells are exposed to drugs, and smr1 was found to be more vulnerable to a series of toxic compounds compared to the wild type strain. The drug sensitivity could be restored when Smr1 was overexpressed.Therefore, the Saci_2123 protein represents the first identified and initial characterized ABC multidrug efflux pump from Archaea .
Siderophores could not be detected in the culture supernatant of S. acidocaldarius consistent with the notion that genes specifying the production of known siderophores are absent from the genome. Deletion of the iron binding protein genes caused a growth defect as compare with their parent strain, and also affected the uptake of iron. However, double and triple deletions did not strengthen growth defect, suggesting that other transport mechanisms must prevail for the uptake of iron.
In vitro both ArnA and ArnB proteins are phosphorylated and they were found to co-purify indicating a strong interaction between these proteins. Phenotypic analyses revealed a negative regulatory effect of ArnA and ArnB on archaella expression. Deletion mutants of arnA and arnB revealed higher expression levels of FlaB and FlaX, hypermotility on plate, evoked by hyperarchaellation.
Translated title of the contributionTransport processen in Sulfolobales
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  • University of Groningen
  • Driessen, Arnold, Supervisor
Award date27-Mar-2015
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Publication statusPublished - 2015


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