Tussen willen en weten: Cultuur, cultuuronderwijs, en de ontwikkeling van metacognitie in de adolescentie

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    Culture education in between values and knowledge

    In the Netherlands, culture and arts education is offered both in and outside school. But what exactly is culture education about, and what is its importance for children and adolescents? The research project Culture in the Mirror answers these questions from a cognitive perspective.

    The field of culture and arts education is characterized by a special dynamic. This is related to the lack of a clear distinction between vision (‘values’) and theory (‘knowledge’). The cause of this confusing situation is an overpowering desire for legitimization (‘Culture education is valuable and important!’).

    In this research, vision and theory have first been explicitly juxtaposed, after which they have been meaningfully connected to each other again in the everyday practice of secondary education. Only on the basis of a sound understanding of the distinction between values and knowledge is it possible to connect the two meaningfully.

    Culture education is about developing cultural awareness. This awareness is the general human ability to reflect upon one’s experience as a human being in the world. How does this ability develop during adolescence? And what does a theory of cultural awareness offer teachers in secondary education who want to develop meaningful, interdisciplinary culture and arts education?

    In the arts and culture subjects in secondary education we teach adolescents to express themselves and to position themselves in society. They learn that culture is something that you make (together) and for which they can therefore take responsibility. Where we come from determines who we are, but it is also the material with which we can creatively make a difference. Culture education puts viewpoints into perspective. It is therefore high time to meaningfully connect what we know about cultural awareness with the goals we have set ourselves as teachers and as society: the doors of the classroom, as well as those of the school must be opened.
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