Unresolved Questions in the Freud/Jung Debate. On Psychosis, Sexual Identity and Religion

Patrick Vandermeersch

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Due to the fact that the phenomenon of religion has been set aside as being something 'different', a number of key problems within psycho¬an¬alysis have been unwittingly lost from sight. This is especially true for the central theme of the Freud Jung debate: the experience of reali¬ty. The experience of reality in psychosis is different from that in religion. Both of these differ still from the way in which one is 'really' affected by fan¬tasy, daydreaming, a fairy tale, passionate love or bodily symptoms diag¬nosed as non existent. Within this problematic of the experience of reali¬ty, one question should definitely not be overlooked: what is the specific reality experience of transference? This work resumes the theoretical debate between Freud and Jung with the intention of presenting the connections connections which have been lost along the way between the problematics of identity, reality/¬psychosis and religion in their full complexity as well as their full acuity.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 1991

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