Utility-Based Decision Making for Migrating Cloud-Based Applications

Santiago Gómez Sáez, Vasilios Andrikopoulos, Marina Bitsaki, Frank Leymann, André van Hoorn

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Nowadays, cloud providers offer a broad catalog of services for migrating and distributing applications in the cloud. However, the existence of a wide spectrum of cloud services has become a challenge for deciding where to host applications, as these vary in performance and cost. This work addresses such a challenge, and provides a utility-based decision support model and method that evaluates and ranks during design time potential application distributions spanned among heterogeneous cloud services. The utility model is evaluated using the MediaWiki (Wikipedia) application, and shows an improved efficiency for selecting cloud services in comparison to other decision making approaches.
Original languageEnglish
Article number22
JournalACM Transactions on Internet Technology
Issue number2, SI
Publication statusPublished - Mar-2018


  • Cloud application topologies
  • cloud services selection
  • utility theory
  • decision making

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