Van het redelijke zijnsbegrip naar de spirituele zijnservaring; Een vergelijkend-synthetische studie bvan fundamentele vormen van het zijnsbewustzijn.

Guy Marius de Gelder

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This study deals with four forms of the philosophical consciousness of Being which can lead to a break-through of Hegel' s logical ontology at the metalogicallevel. The views of K. Jaspers, S. L. Frank, P T. Raju and D. T. Suzuki are considered in succession. These four modern philosophers conform to the following methodological conditions: a. they are representative of prevailing forms of the consciousness of Being in the traditions of Western, Russian. Indian and Chinese philosophy; b. they have given expression to the metalogical factor in the consciousness of Being and c. they can be confronted basically. with Hegel's logical ontology. Their views are. structurally characterized by the author and submitted to critical comparison. It is then demonstrated that the Indian philosopher Aurobindo Ghose has assimilated these forms of the consciousness of Being in his personal experience of Being. Finally, the author shows how the Western logical Notion of Being is overcome by the metalogical experience of Being.
Original languageDutch
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
  • Bakker, R., Supervisor, External person
  • Delfgaauw, B., Supervisor, External person
Award date17-Sept-1968
Place of PublicationGroningen
Publication statusPublished - 1968

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