Views of general practice staff about the use of a patient-oriented treatment decision aid in shared decision making for patients with type 2 diabetes: A mixed-methods study

Anita Wildeboer, Esther du Pon, Jan Schuling, Flora M Haaijer-Ruskamp, Petra Denig*

*Corresponding author for this work

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BACKGROUND: Decision aids can be used to support shared decision making (SDM). A patient-oriented treatment decision aid (DA) was developed for type 2 diabetes but its use by general practice staff appeared to be limited.

OBJECTIVES: To explore views of practice staff towards SDM and the DA.

DESIGN: A mixed-methods study within the Dutch PORTDA-diab trial.

SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS: Included were 17 practices with staff members who were responsible for routine diabetes care and had worked with the DA, and 209 of their patients.

METHODS: Interviews were conducted focusing on applicability, usefulness and feasibility of the DA. Interviews were tape-recorded, transcribed verbatim and subjected to content analysis for identifying and classifying views. Patient-reported data about the use of the DA were collected. Associations between specific views and use of the DA were tested using Pearson point-biserial correlation.

RESULTS: The majority of practice staff expressed positive views towards SDM, which was associated with making more use of the DA. Most of the staff expressed that the DA stimulated a two-way conversation. By using the DA, several became aware of their paternalistic approach. Some staff experienced a conflict with the content of the DA, which was associated with making less use of the DA.

CONCLUSIONS: The DA was considered useful by practice staff to support SDM. A positive view towards SDM was a facilitator, whereas experiencing a conflict with the content of the DA was a barrier for making use of the DA.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)64-74
Number of pages11
JournalHealth Expectations
Issue number1
Early online date21-Jun-2017
Publication statusPublished - Feb-2018


  • decision aids
  • diabetes mellitus type 2
  • patient-centered care
  • primary health care
  • qualitative research
  • shared decision making

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