Work-Based Learning: Report on Capacity Building Activities

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    This papers offers insight in developing the outcomes of the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project Integrating Entrepreneurship and Work Experience in Higher Education (WEXHE) The project concentrated on identifying good cases in developing Work Based Learning (WBL), followed up by describing those cases. It resulted in 77 cases which could actually be prepared. Identifying and preparing the cases offered an excellent way to get into contact with informed experts in WBL as well as the world of work, enterprises as well as organisations, governmental and others, to discuss the relevance of WBL. It also allowed to establish (intensive) contacts with those working in the field of entrepreneurship. These activities proved a first and important step to create a
    network of stakeholders of WBL and potential users of the WEXHE outcomes foreseen.
    All further activities built on these cases, that is the preparation of the nine WEXHE Packages, the three Summary Reports and the many strategic papers resulting from the project, as well as the International Workshops, the National Workshops, the Policy Workshop and the participation in a Round Table, workshops and conferences organize partly by others. As a result of the products prepared and the activities that have taken place already, a robust basis has been created for further capacity building activities.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationGroningen
    PublisherInternational Tuning Academy
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    Publication statusPublished - Sep-2020


    • Work Based Learning
    • Higher Education
    • Work Placements
    • Traineeships
    • Entrepreneurship

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