17th World Fertilizer Congress of CIEC: "Go East! Fertilizers Future!"

  • L.J. De Kok (Invited speaker)

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Scope of 17th World Fertilizer Congress:
The northeast of China has been traditionally the center of fertilizer production and fertilizer research so that Shenyang was the predestined location to host the 17th World Fertilizer Congress. Food security and food safety are of prime interest on a global scale as are environmental aspects and soil protection issues. An increase of fertilizer rates for meeting these objectives can only be constructive if the nutrient supply is the yield limiting factor whereas a surplus can be regularly found in the nutrient balances of intensive agricultural production systems which has to be seen critically with a view to groundwater pollution with nitrates and discharge of phosphorus by surface run-off and erosion. On big livestock enterprises the contamination of slurries and manures with antibiotics poses arisk for soil and human health, which strengthens the need for alternative treatments and quality assessment of farmyard manure and recycled fertilizer products such as digestates, which process these resources. The future of fertilizers will be closely linked to a significant increase in nutrient utilization efficiency, which implies the use of fully plant available nutrient resources, a purely demand-driven fertilizer input and a reduction of nutrient losses to the environment. Parallel the pressure on agriculture to employ recycled fertilizer products will increase, as the disposal of wastes is costlyand re-utilization of nutrients politically encouraged. This makes research with respect to the innocuousness of fertilizer products an important branch inorder to assess putative risks for the quality of soils and plants. Innovations in the mineral fertilizer production sector will have to focus on resource efficiency, which starts for instance in case of phosphorus with mining andextraction of precious metals such as uranium and lanthanides besides the nutrient itself. The World Fertilizer Congress brings together fertilizer manufacturers and scientists from all over the world interested in the specifics of plant nutrition and fertilization. Participants will leave the symposium having shared ideas, having contributed to the body of knowledge concerning fertilizer use, and having made friends and contacts for future research.
Traditionally the World Fertilizer Congress is open to all aspects related to plant nutrition, soil fertility, fertilization and fertilizers. We invite especially contributions on various aspects of global interest.
Thematic clusters:
* Compound fertilizer and balanced fertilization
* Medium and trace element fertilizer
* Bio-organic fertilizer, carbon based fertilizer and amino acid fertilizer
* Novel fertilizer products
* Fertilizer synergist and biological regulator
* Fertilizer production and technology
* Fertilization and enviroment
* Plant nutrition and nutrient utilization
* Soil nutrient management and fertilization
In invited lectures internationally highly acknowledged scientists will present cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art facts for each of the themes.
Evenementstitel17th World Fertilizer Congress of CIEC: "Go East! Fertilizers Future!"
LocatieShenyang, ChinaToon op kaart