1971 – 2022 Inside the Shell: an autoethnography that addresses processes of de- and reterritorialization

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In this paper, the concept of ‘a shell’ will be reflected upon to create different plateaus: a country as a shell that receives migrant labourers; a museum as a shell that ‘receives’ visitors and hosts objects; and pearls (the national symbol of Qatar), that have been created as a result of a parasite entering an oyster. The notion of a shell might on the surface look contradictory because the shell is a defence mechanism to protect the creature inside. One could argue that true hospitableness is about being open. ‘Inside the shell’ enables us to develop an appreciation of issues surrounding mechanism of ‘a body in pain’ and does this by reflecting upon and exploring society and its institutions in the way they offer safety and shelter, yet also control and constrain. It will do so in an autoethnographic narrative style. This paper is inspired by the philosophical work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and, more specifically, the concept of de- and reterritorialization that they introduced in A Thousand Plateaus (1987). With this paper De Jong and Grit advocate thinking through processes of becoming in an effort to bring a Deleuzian analysis to the field post qualitative enquiry.
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