29th Annual international congress of Applied Psychology

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Title presentations: When worry about climate change leads to climate action and policy support (Bouman, Verschoor, Albers, Steg, Böhm, Fisher, Poortinga & Whitmarsh), Using graphical models to explore relationships between variables underlying community energy initiatives (Bhushan, Steg, Albers, Sloot, Jans & Mohnert), The role of gas in the energy transition: Stakeholders’ perception and public acceptability (Maltagliati, Contzen, Perlaviciute & Steg), CER and pro-environmental behaviour at work: The role of personal and social norms (Ruepert & Steg), Exploring the relationship between domestic energy behaviour and support for energy policy: Evidence across 25 countries (Sharpe, Perlaviciute & Steg), Can community energy initiatives motivate sustainable energy behaviours? The role of personal pro-environmental motivation and initiative involvement (Sloot, Jans & Steg), Effects of value-congruent feedback on energy behaviors at home (Ünal, Bakker & Steg), Understanding climate adaptation actions (Van Valkengoed & Steg), A network model of the environmental module in the European Social Survey 2016 (Verschoor, Albers, Steg, Poortinga, Whitmarsh, Böhm & Fisher), Coping responses to risks of energy production (Vrieling, Perlaviciute & Steg).
Evenementstitel29th Annual international congress of Applied Psychology
LocatieMontreal, Canada
Mate van erkenningInternational