A Multimodal Discourse Theory of Video Games. Analyzing the Discourse Structure of Tutorials

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    The study of computer games has experienced a trend towards engaging digital games as multimodal discourse, and the attempts to describe interactive audio-visual gameplay by drawing on our understanding of linguistic discourse are still increasing. Drawing on multimodal discourse theories of (audio-)visual narratives (Wildfeuer, 2014; Bateman & Wildfeuer, 2014), we are proposing a model that should allow a comprehensive discourse pragmatic analysis of game canvases through which video games communicate with players. Our study mainly builds on linguistic approaches to formal dynamic discourse semantics (e.g., Segmented Discourse Representation Theory by Asher & Lascarides, 2003), that have already been successfully applied to other multimodal artefacts such as comics and films. In this talk, we will showcase the application of the resulting ‘logic of multimodal discourse interpretation’ to the case of video game tutorials. These game segments regularly have a very clear goal, i.e. instructing the player on how to play the game; and it is our aim to analyse the discursive patterns of these instructions throughout specific games (and later also different game genres).
    EvenementstitelThe Bremen-Groningen Online Workshops on Multimodality
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