Affordability and Accessibility of Medicines in Mexico – a Policy Analysis. Preliminary Results

  • Daniela Moye Holz (Speaker)

    Activiteit: Professional or public presentationProfessional


    On 2005 the document “Hacia una política farmacéutica integral para México” was created by the Ministry of Health but it was not implemented by the government, though some strategies were included in the government’s health action plan. Previous research highlighted that affordability and accessibility of medicines require attention and more research. We seek to assess the progress in Mexico on improving medicines affordability and accessibility, through the evaluation of strategies and actions implemented by the previous (2007-2012) and the current government (2013-2015). The documents: “Hacia una política farmacéutica integral para México” (2005), “Propuestas de política para el sector farmacéutico” (2011), and the government’s health action plans (PROSESA) during the terms 2007-2012 and 2013-2018 were compared. The government’s health progress reports were analyzed to assess the advancement to improve medicines availability and accessibility. Some of PROSESA’s strategies are broad and not concrete. The document “Propuestas de política para el sector farmacéutico” proposed more specific strategies that have not been adopted by the current administration. Main progress has consisted on the creation of a negotiating commission of prices of medicines and the promotion of coordinated and pool procurement.
    EvenementstitelWHO-Utrecht University 2016 Winter Pharmaceutical Policy Meeting: Globalisation of clinical trials: policy, regulatory and ethical reflections
    LocatieUtrecht, Netherlands
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