An introduction to the regulation of Nitrogen emissions from the agricultural sector

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     On July 14th 2022, I gave a presentation on the regulation of Nitrogen emissions from the agricultural sector in the Netherlands as part of the EuroScience Open Forum Conference 2022 ESOF2022 Leiden This topic has been high in the policy agenda of the Netherlands in the last years, and recently, the Dutch news mentioned that more Nitrogen experts are required in the Netherlands. I think that the same applies for the rest of the world.

    These are the conclusions of my presentation, and I invite you to read the full document:

    1.    Since 1984 multiple regulatory strategies have been implemented in the Netherlands to reduce Nitrogen pollution and emissions from the agricultural sector.

    2.    The objectives of the policies have not been aimed exclusively at tackling climate change but the multiple environmental impacts created by the excess of Nitrogen in the environment.

    3.    The regulations have been influenced by the awareness on Nitrogen pollution at the national level but also by policies from the European Union.

    4.    The agricultural sector has shown to be a hard to abate sector in terms of Nitrous Oxide emissions and socially sensitive.

    5.    Countries around the world may learn from the Dutch experience and incorporate measures to reduce Nitrous Oxide emissions in early stages of their agricultural policies.
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