ARCHON Day 2022

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Every year Archon organizes the ARCHON Day. During this day, we want to bring students, researchers, and professional archaeologists from the commercial sector together to talk about current topics in archaeology. This year the central topic will be: ‘Interdisciplinary Collaborations’.

Archaeology has a long tradition of collaboration with disciplines like earth sciences, ecology and ancient history. However, the current academic trend is to increasingly look for wider interdisciplinary collaboration, which includes disciplines that are not necessarily obvious choices for archaeologists, such as computer science, medicine, sociology or economics. But what does it take to work in an interdisciplinary way? Does this not go at the expense of developing specialist knowledge? To what extent are archaeologists still ‘in charge’ of the results of interdisciplinary collaboration, and should they? What is the contribution of archaeology to the fields that they collaborate with? And how can we create a true synergy from these collaborations?

During ARCHON Day we want to focus on these questions in three domains: fieldwork, ‘science-based’ research and, at the other end of the research process, the stories that archaeologists tell about the human past.
LocatieAmersfoort, NetherlandsToon op kaart
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