Byzantium and Venice, The Documentary Sources (10th-13th Centuries), presentation held at the Round Table on 'Byzantium and Venice in the Mirror of Written Sources', 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies // Venice and Padua 22-27 August 2022

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Aim of this paper is to focus on the Byzantine documents (imperial chrysobulls and letters) directed at Venice from the tenth century up to the sack of Constantinople in 1204, as well as some Italian documents related to the Byzantine grants dating from this period, and to investigate issues concerning the relations between Byzantium and Venice. Emphasis will be given to legal questions arising from the Byzantine grants to the city of Venice, including grants of immovable property to the Venetians in the Byzantine capital, the legal status of the Venetians within the Byzantine empire and information about the Venetian community in Constantinople.
Evenementstitel24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies : Byzantium - Bridge Between Worlds
LocatieVenice and Padua , Italy
Mate van erkenningInternational