Campus College: Vaccination Passports

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    Once you are vaccinated against the coronavirus, should you have more freedom? If yes, what about people who already recovered from COVID-19? In this Campus College Dr. Oskar Gstrein discusses the idea of the ‘corona passport’, also known as the 'Digital Green Certificate' on EU level. The basic idea is that this digital tool allows our society to open-up faster. After a long and challenging time where we all had to stay at home, more freedom to travel, the opportunity to visit festivals or live sports events with large crowds is appealing. And the economy might benefit from it, too. But is the idea of the corona passport too good to be true? The certificate itself does nothing to prevent the virus from spreading or mutating further. Our knowledge on the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines is still scarce. And finally, there are concerns that the scheme enables large-scale surveillance, which puts our personal data at risk.
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