CRASIS Annual Meeting and Masterclass 2016

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Co-organiser of the CRASIS Annual Meeting and Masterclass 2016: Hellenism: Interaction, Translation and Culture Transfer, Groningen, 11-12 February

The conference hosts eight international speakers and is dedicated to the exploration of the complex cultural concepts involved in our current understanding of Hellenism. The ancient Mediterranean, in some ways like the modern world, became a fairly small place after Alexander’s conquests and into the Roman period. In contrast to previous scholarly analyses, highlighting tensions between indigenous and globalizing cultures, we propose a more nuanced and complex set of interactions.

The aim of this conference is to assess the critical questions which arise from this nuanced picture of Hellenism, focusing in particular on the aspects of translation, material culture, identity, literature and theory. We hope to offer a broad spectrum of contributions spanning various disciplines of the rich field of Antiquity studies.
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