Cultural democracy and populism in the Netherlands

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There were several moments over the last century when arts and culture were invoked at the rescue of democracy. In all these cases the argument was that a solid cultural foundation is vital for a sound democracy. And in all these cases the central term was “cultural democracy". In my contribution I will first present the different angles chosen in these episodes to give content to the term cultural democracy in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Europe. After that I will bring the argument to the here and now. Looking at the current political situation in the Netherlands we will see how culture is used in the growing polarisation between liberal and populist positions. I suggest this can be understood as a violent clash of universalist versus particular cultural cum political identities. National cultural policy attempts to react to these dynamics, but a cultural democratic perspective is lacking. I will investigate whether arts and culture could again be invoked for the rescue of democratic deliberation.
EvenementstitelColloquium Bilsen Fonds voor Cultuurmanagement: Leiderschap in de culturele sector en het managen van creativiteit
LocatieAntwerp, BelgiumToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternational