DEATH TV: Drone Warfare in Contemporary Popular Culture

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    About this Event: How does our consumption of popular media affect how we see and understand drone warfare? In his new study, Death TV, critic Alex Adams examines the ways that drone warfare is represented across popular film, literature, and TV. He argues that popular culture is a central political force that predetermines many of our understandings of what drone warfare is and why it is conducted. From ‘just-in-time’ justice and the politics of ‘collateral damage’ to the sympathetic portrayal of UAV operators, Death TV shows the ways in which the popular culture we consume accessibly articulates many of the most influential and controversial ideas, themes, and political rhetoric associated with contemporary drone warfare. We need you to be part of the conversation and hope you can join us for this webinar. Following the panel discussion there will be a Q&A session. Please see the online event page for how to access the webinar on zoom. Once you have registered for the event we will also send you the webinar details. Panel: Alex Adams is an independent scholar who researches representations of securitization & violence. He has published two books, Political Torture in Popular Culture (Routledge, 2016) and How to Justify Torture (Repeater, 2019).@AlexAdams5Amy Gaeta is a PhD candidate in English & Visual Cultures at the University of Wisconsin Madison researching disability, gender, and [email protected]. Schnepf is Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Her current research focuses on the literature and culture of the US security state.@jd_schnepfChris Cole (Chair) is Director of Drone Wars UK.@Drone_Wars_UKFor more information contact: [email protected]
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