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The conference’s focus is on the material religious heritage found in museums, specifically the religious objects that have been permanently or temporarily musealized. The tension between the secular space of the museum and the religious nature and uses of many of the objects they display and preserve has been noted by several scholars. Much contemporary writing on religion in museums tends, following Duncan, however to centre on the social and performative dimensions of the museum space, rather than on the material aspects of the objects themselves. Whether late medieval vestments and treasure objects, or West African masks the objects are treated as passive recipients of reframing and interpretation, rather than active material agents.
The organizers of this symposium aim to pose fresh questions on the status of such objects by shedding light on the intersection between religious artworks and transcultural approaches to material and visual culture. How can attending to the material nature of the religious objects (both those classed as ethnographic objects, and those consider art objects, or treasures) invite new insights into the agency of the religious object in the museum. What does de-musealization (through temporary loan or re-use) imply about the status of the object, and its keepers? What is the significance of collections of religious objects within the context of contemporary transcultural societies?
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