Embodied Epitaphs: pilot study and database design

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During the first five months of the MARE Embodied Epitaphs Project a pilot study was undertaken that revolved around the development of an optimal methodological approach towards legacy data on Roman-era funerary monuments from the region of Pisidia in South-Central Anatolia. Because such legacy materials consist of dispersed data that are published in uneven quality, their study hinges on thorough data collection and structured data organization in order to allow for a wide variety of data analyses and cross-analyses. Therefore, the central aim of this pilot was the design of a digital, user-friendly database that enforces uniform data entry in a manner that prepares the available information for analysis. This presentation provides a brief outline of the different steps taken during the pilot study, explains the main structure of the database, and provides some examples of analyses that can be carried out after entering the available data.
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