Student engagement is crucial to learning processes and outcomes. Engagement is typically operationalized as an individual process influenced by the social learning environment. However, intuitively, one can recognize that a group of students can be engaged or disengaged as a collective. This round table is embedded in a research project in which we attempt to advance the definitions and operationalizations of engagement as a group process, or collective engagement, as well as to identify the mechanisms for the emergence and management of collective engagement in secondary education classrooms. The current phase of this project involves a literature review of the construct of collective engagement. In this round table presentation we put the construct of collective engagement up for discussion. This discussion will feedback our research process so as to achieve a good coverage of the literature on collective engagement and adjacent constructs, and ultimately it will contribute in the refinement of definitions and operationalizations of collective engagement.
EvenementstitelEuropean Association for Research on Learning and Instruction
Mate van erkenningInternational